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Frequently Asked Questions

* What is a traffic exchange?
Its a place where you can surf websites
+ earn credits while doing so & add your website to be shown to other surfers

* I do not have any websites to show why would I want to surf?
You may find some interesting sites while surfing

* Can anyone join?
Yes, anyone can join. The only requirement is that you agree to the terms of service. By signing up as a member and using TrafficStruck means you have agreed to the terms of and that you are bound by those same terms.

* Will the upgraded members sites be shown more often?
Yes but this can not be avoided as they help support the site

* How do I surf?
Click on manual surf in the drop menu under the tools tab
Then click on the corresponding number when the timer runs out

* What does active referral mean?
Once a new member surfs at least 150 pages they are considered active.


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